The Cabbie Class Action - Summary

ACCC against Cabcharge

In September 2010, the Federal Court ordered Cabcharge to pay $14 million in fines plus $1 million in costs for three breaches of the Trade Practices Act.
Two of the breaches related to Cabcharge's refusal to allow competing suppliers of electronic payment processing services to process Cabcharge's non-cash payment products from 2004.
(see Information on the Class Action)

What can you claim?

Cabcharge's anti-competitive conduct gives rise to taxi drivers and operators having a right to compensation based on the share of the 10% surcharge on every electronic transaction that would have been available had competitors been allowed to process the Cabcharge cards.The compensation relates back over the past six (6) years.
If the competitors were allowed to process Cabcharge cards, taxi drivers and their associated operator would have generated commission up to 3% and 2% respectively each time they processed Cabcharge's non-cash transactions.
Your claim may be as much as $6,000.

(see Information on the Class Action)

Who will run and fund the class action?

The Peoples Solicitors is the legal representative for the class action and will be in charge of direct communication with taxi drivers. You will not be required to contribute any moneys as the action is being funded by Litman Holdings, a reputable litigation funder.

Litman Holdings will be entitled to a fixed percentage of the judgment or settlement sum plus reimbursemen of the funding costs.
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Confidentiality and Privacy

Your confidentiality is totally assured as this website is a fully secured internet portal.

The Peoples Solicitors will not disclose your registration details. We will only collect your personal information if it is related to the class action. We protect your information we collected from unauthorized access, misuse and disclosure.
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